aerolase laserAerolase Laser
The Aerolase LightPod® laser has been proven as an effective alternative treatment for fungal nails, warts, skin lesions, and veins. The FDA-cleared laser technology directs pulse energy onto the affected nail or area of skin to diminish or eliminate the condition and/or its symptoms. 

Fungal Nails
Capable of superheating skin tissue beneath toenails, the LightPod laser causes the coagulation of soft tissue affected with fungal material.  With its deep heating power and short, 10-minute procedure-time, the LightPod laser is highly effective for even the most troublesome nails.

Traditionally, warts have been removed using surgical procedures, freezing, or chemicals.  The LightPod laser provides a favorable alternative with its ability to destroy the wart at its root, avoiding tissue damage and scarring and minimizing discomfort during treatment.  Healing time dramatically decreases as well, as the removal itself is a simple outpatient procedure.

Skin Lesions & Veins
The Aerolase laser is capable of removing various lesions while avoiding scarring during treatment and tissue damage typically seen during other removal methods.


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