"Thank you so much for working me into your already packed schedule (again); I sincerely appreciate it! As one whose entire body seems to be falling apart, over the last five years I have worked with more than my share of doctors and experienced a wide range of dedication and quality level with their office and support teams, and Limons is at the top of the list! The whole team there is so patient-oriented, and it makes a world of difference in quality of care. Other offices in the area could learn a LOT from y’all! Thank you!"

Roger T.

"Thanks for taking care of me! Dr. Limon was excellent!"

Nancy D.

"Thanks to the hard work and care provided by Dr. Shaun J. Limon, Dr. Lisa Griffith-Limon, and the staff at Limons Foot & Ankle Care, patients are able to continue doing what they love the most. Take Charlene for example! After recovering from her Lapiplasty surgery, she’s back on her feet hiking, skiing, and enjoying the great outdoors! We’re committed to helping all of our patients continue their passions without the inconvenience of foot pain. Get back on your feet today and book an appointment!"


"I would like to highly recommend Dr. Shaun and his Team at both of his offices. I went to see him with a very painful foot and ankle (8-9 pain range and limping) and he was very thorough in his exam -- asking questions and listening to my story, -- and then suggesting needed tests, x-rays and a detailed treatment plan of attack to help resolve the issues. He was very thorough, direct in his comments and honest as to what he could do and what I should do in order to get better. His internal team skillfully helped with appointments, treatments, and paperwork. I followed his game plan and as a result my progress and improvement has given me the ability to be without pain and to walk normally again. The results speak for themselves. My wife is also a patient and shares the same thoughts."

Bill R., Bradenton, FL


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