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Dr Shaun Thank you I have been living with severe arthritic foot and ankle pain for the last 10 years after visiting several other Drs in the area always rushed and pushed aside with no results or relief. I have only been to your office twice and after today's injection in my one foot I feel considerable less pain and finally feel there is hope . Anxious for my next visit to hopefully relieve some pain in the other foot. Thanks Again Tim

-Tim Lewis

After 47 years of having pain from an injured toe, Dr. Lisa Griffith-Limon performed surgery to correct it. The results are amazing. It has been over three months since the surgery, and I am without pain for the first time! Her knowledge, dedication, and professionalism are outstanding!

-Mary Beth Hancock

Dr's Limon are two amazing foot doctors that provide complete care in their field. They are professional and compassionate doctors that anyone would be lucky to have caring for them. If you are looking for a foot doctor look no further. I personally hope they stay in the area and practice a long time because I will not like the day I have to replace them.

-Christine B.

I absolutely dreaded the thought of having surgery on my awful-looking toe! The toe had already crossed over the great toe and was pushing against the top of my shoe; the pain was excruciating! Having the toes taped together didn't relieve the pain, nor did anything else give relief.

After I had spoken with you regarding surgery, and you explained in great detail what was to be done, and what I could expect after the surgery, I felt I was ready. You prepared me well for the procedure and you responded to all my concerns. Thank you.

The laser treatments you recommended shortened the healing process, as you said it would. I was amazed how quickly the incision faded and the swelling subsided. I wasn't aware lasers could be used in this instance and was grateful for your recommendation. Again, thank you.

I'm more than well on my way... with straight toes and no pain! I am truly appreciative of your unlimited patience, skill, and professionalism ... and I am a most grateful patient.

-Mary K. Stine

I have been treated by Dr. Lisa Griffith - Limon for a bad case of toenail fungus and I am very pleased with the results. I have found her to be very knowledgeable about this condition and also very personable. I highly recommend Limons Foot & Ankle Care. David Bosselmann Sarasota/Minneapolis

-David Bosselmann

Professional and friendly, making me feel like a person instead of just a patient. When I had a few concerns with my toe after the surgery, Lisa and her staff made sure to see me ASAP.

-Chad Snodgrass

I must say I am totally happy with both you and your hubby. You both have made this a great experience for me. I am very happy with the relief I have gotten with my surgery and treatment. I will highly recommend you guys and spread the word.

Rebecca C.

For years and years, I tried every homeopathic and pharmaceutical product available to treat my nail fungus. It just kept getting worse. I saw a notice in the paper for Limons Foot & Ankle Care and made an appointment. After the first treatemnt, you could already see a difference. And now, a few months later, I'm not ashamed to wear sandals as my toenails look great. Both doctors provide excellent, caring service. If you have nail fungus don't put off laser treatment any longer!!

Joyce Hersh

If you want the best foot doctor in Florida, go see Lisa Limon. She is the most thorough and most caring doctor I have ever dealt with. You will not be sorry if you go see her for your problems!!

Debbie Bowker

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